Winning Time | Day 04
January 7, 2021


I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from him.

Psalms 62:1


I absolutely love basketball. It’s by far my favorite sport and when the playoffs come around it feels like Christmas. The thing I love about is how one player at any moment can take over and completely change a game. A team could be trailing, on the verge of losing with almost no time left; and one player can just change the course of the game.

There’s a basketball documentary called “Winning Time” and it follows the NBA career of Reggie Miller who played for the Indiana Pacers. He never won a championship, but he had one of the best “taking-over-the-game” moments of all time. On May 7, 1995, Reggie Miller scored eight points in nine seconds to lead the Pacers to a stunning 107-105 victory over the New York Knicks in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals. It was insane. If you have time look up the footage on YouTube.

One player can change everything. In your life, that’s the presence of Jesus. When you invite Jesus into any situation, when you give Him the ball (your life, your day, your situation) He can take over the game. The question is are you really putting your faith in the only one who can really change your situation or are you trying to do it all yourself?


Faith is trusting God even when you don’t understand His plan. Not knowing every detail of God’s plan is usually why people don’t trust God with their lives. We want control. We want credit when we win and have someone to blame when we lose and as long as we are in control then we believe we can create the desired outcome. We don’t want to put the ball in someone else’s hands because what if they mess it up? What if they let me down.

God knows your life, your thoughts, your past, your future, and what you need today better than anyone. Better than yourself. So why not put your faith in the only person who can win the game for you? The only one can take over when you need it most and get you exactly where you need to be.

What in your life are you having trouble trusting God with? Maybe it’s your job, your finances, your family life, or an addiction you’ve been battling. Give it over to God, trust that He has a better plan, and be bold enough to follow His guidance.


“God help me to give the ball over to you. Help me to give my life over to you daily. Give my situations over to you. Help me to see that I cannot do this on my own. I want to trust you with it all and I’m ready to experience a life guided by you.”