The Hiding Place | Day 06
January 9, 2021


God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.

Psalms 46:1


Did you ever play hide and seek as a kid? I’m pretty sure everyone readying this has played at some point. It’s a simple game: Everyone hides while one person seeks. The goal is to be the one with the best hiding spot. The place where nothing can get to you, where no one can find you, where you are safe and hidden.

I remember one time playing hide and seek at the church I grew up in. We would have these awesome all-nighters in our youth ministry and at some point in the night, probably around 2:00am, we would start a massive game of Hide-&-Seek. The coolest part: The entire church was free for you to roam and find your spot to hide in.

I can still remember playing one round and a few of us had found this spot in the auditorium that we thought was perfect. We hid. We waited. And it seemed like at least an hour had gone by. No one had found us. But we had also stopped hearing people running around. We decided to step out into the hallway and figure out why it seemed like no one was playing anymore. It turns out that our hiding spot was so good, that they gave up and called the game over.

God is our refuge. He is our hiding place. In times of trouble, anxiety and trials He is the only place where we can truly hide. Where we can truly find peace. Where we can really find help in the middle of all that trouble.


Are you fully leaning into God? Is there an area of your life, a struggle that you are facing, a thought that you just cannot get out of your head that you haven’t given over to Him? His presence is the only place we can truly find peace, the only place that we can really hide when the world seems to be pressing in on us. The only place we can really find refuge when our thoughts are overtaking us.

What’s on your mind today? If it’s on your mind, if it’s big enough for you to worry about then it’s big enough to pray about. Hand it over to God. Find peace in knowing that God hears you and that you can find rest, you can hide, in Him.


“God help me to see you and make you my only hiding place. I hand these worries, these thoughts, these anxieties over to you. You are my refuge.”